Washington, D.C. – Today, NRSC Chairman Rick Scott sent a memo to NRSC donors, supporters, and Republican Senators updating them on where the NRSC and Team Herschel stand as the Georgia runoff begins in earnest.

By the numbers:

  • Team Herschel raised $3 million on Wednesday and $4 million on Thursday.
  • The NRSC was the first political organization to be on the airwaves in Georgia during the runoff. Watch our ad HERE.
  • The NRSC and RNC have a robust political and communications presence on the ground in Georgia.

Read the full memo HERE.

Statement from NRSC Communications Director Chris Hartline: “We have been able to make an early impact on the Georgia runoff thanks to our donors, supporters, and Republican Senators. The NRSC and Team Herschel are working overtime to win in Georgia and secure a Republican Senate majority. We hit the ground running and won’t stop until the job is done.”


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