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NRSC releases new Wacky Jacky digital video

The NRSC is releasing a new digital video today recapping President Trump’s recent trip to Nevada where he blasted Wacky Jacky Rosen and reminded Nevada voters that a vote for her is a vote for higher taxes and weaker borders.

President Trump also praised Senator Heller for his work to deliver tax cuts for Nevada’s middle class, which have created new jobs, bigger paychecks and wage increases. Rosen, of course, sided with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her fellow Washington Democrats to deny Nevada families and small businesses the tax cut they needed and deserved.

The digital video can be viewed HERE.

“While Dean Heller has fought to deliver results for hardworking Nevadans, Wacky Jacky Rosen has consistently opposed key initiatives like middle-class tax cuts and cracking down on sanctuary cities,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “During his trip to the Silver State, President Trump delivered a blunt reminder that a vote for Wacky Jacky is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and left-wing Democrats, and that is a mistake voters can’t afford to make.”