Washington, D.C. – Today the NRSC, RNC, and NRCC are filing a joint complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Google’s censorship of Republican fundraising emails. You can read more here. Two weeks ago, Fox News reported on a study by North Carolina State University that showed more than two-thirds of messages from conservative candidates were marked as spam, now the Republican committees are fighting back.

NRSC Chairman Rick Scott is also sending a memo to Republican Senators regarding Big Tech’s and Senate Democrats’ voter suppression. 

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer: “As midterm elections approach, we are formally calling on the FEC to investigate the extent and intentionality of Google’s censorship of Republican fundraising efforts. This is a financially devastating example of Silicon Valley tech companies unfairly shaping the political playing field to benefit their preferred far-left candidates. Companies like Google don’t think you have the right to hear both sides: they’d rather make the decision for you.”


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