Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

On Impeachment, Cunningham’s Silence is Deafening

Despite launching his Senate campaign with enthusiastic support for an impeachment inquiry, Cal Cunningham has spent months refusing to take a position on every aspect of the impeachment trial – from dodging whether the articles should have been sent to the Senate in the first place to how he would vote on today’s acquittal.


“For months, Cal Cunningham has been trying to walk back his support for an impeachment inquiry by cowering behind ‘vague’ statements and outright refusals to take a position on today’s vote to acquit or convict the President,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The majority of North Carolina voters elected President Trump and they deserve a straight answer on whether Cunningham would have turned his back on them today to stand alongside his benefactor Chuck Schumer.”


Cunningham’s primary opponent, Erica Smith, has been clear with her support for impeachment since December.


NRSC surveys conducted in January in battleground states, including North Carolina, show that 62% of voters agree that Congress should be focusing on top issues like health care costs, trade deals, and keeping the economy on track instead of trying to remove Donald Trump from office. Read more here.