Press Release
| Bob Salera

politics at its worst

Claire McCaskill followed through on her promise to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh, joining her fellow Senate liberals in trying to block a final vote on his confirmation.

McCaskill put on a big show pretending that her announced vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was not based on politics, blaming “dark money,” despite privately applauding dark money groups for campaigning for her. McCaskill was also caught on camera telling supporters she became “physically ill” upon learning that Justice Kennedy was retiring, and stressing that it was important to reelect her so she could help Democrats block President Trump’s future Court picks. It’s clear her opposition to Judge Kavanaugh was always about politics, and McCaskill would have voted no on any nominee President Trump sent to the Senate.

“Claire McCaskill’s opposition to Judge Kavanaugh has nothing to do with his qualifications or vague concerns about ‘dark money,’” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “McCaskill doesn’t care what Missourians want, and her only concern throughout this process has been to block any nominee chosen by President Trump in an attempt to hold the seat for a justice who shares her liberal ideology.”