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Radio Ad: Tester Sides With Unhinged Left

The NRSC is releasing a new radio ad this morning, putting Senator Jon Tester in the spotlight for siding with the unhinged left who have called for violence against President Trump and are working to impeach him.

The new ad showcases Tester’s refusal to personally condemn the rock band Pearl Jam for releasing a violent and detestable poster depicting President Trump’s dead body in front of the White House, which the band created to promote a concert raising money for Tester’s campaign.

Senator Tester has remained all too silent and refused to return the money he raised at their concert because the truth is: a vote for Jon Tester is a vote to put the unhinged left in control of Washington, where they’ll work to remove President Trump from office.

Click here to listen to the radio ad.
“Senator Tester showed his true colors by refusing to personally condemn even the most unhinged, far-left fringes of his party who’ve gone so low as to call for outright violence against the President of the United States,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “If Senator Tester won’t do the right thing, Montana voters should do it for him and vote him out of office.”


How low will Jon Tester go?

A vote for Tester is a vote to put liberal Democrats in control, where they’ll work to impeach President Trump.

But for the radical far-left, impeachment isn’t enough.

Celebrities have talked about killing the president or blowing up the White House.

Now, a rock band comes to Montana, throws a concert to support Tester – and promotes it using a vulgar, despicable poster featuring President Trump’s dead corpse on the White House lawn.

Yet, Tester himself remained silent for days.

Even worse? Tester’s campaign used the concert to raise campaign cash, charging up to $500 for VIP tickets.

How much dirty money did Tester raise?

And if he won’t he do the right thing and give it back, doesn’t that tell us all we need to know about the real Jon Tester?

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