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Radio ad: Tester’s day off

The NRSC went up with a new radio ad in Montana this morning, hammering Senator Tester for failing to show up to work in the Senate.

As threats from ISIS and MS-13 rose, records show Tester skipped 76% of hearings at the Senate Homeland Security Committee, putting America’s national security at risk. But while Tester phoned it in on his work in the Senate, he was working double-time at fundraisers to ensure he took more money from lobbyists than any other member of the Senate.

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“Senator Tester made his priorities clear: he’d rather beg lobbyists for cash and hang out in his million-dollar house, than show up to work or keep our country safe,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “No Montana business would never re-hire an employee who skipped work 76% of the time, and Montana voters should treat Jon Tester the same.”


ANNOUNCER: Jon Tester’s Day Off…

TEACHER: Tester? Tester? Tester?

ANNOUNCER: During his decade on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Jon Tester skipped 76% of hearings.

TEACHER: Tester? Has anyone seen Mr. Tester?

ANNOUNCER: While ISIS grew overseas and domestic attacks threatened Americans here at home, Jon Tester didn’t bother to show up.

TEACHER: Apparently Mr. Tester doesn’t feel it’s important to show up.

ANNOUNCER: But Tester did show up to plenty of fundraisers –  becoming #1 in campaign cash from lobbyists.

535 members of Congress – and Jon Tester ranked #1 in lobbyist cash.

Jon Tester. Another lobbyist-loving Washington politician … when he’s there.

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