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the real Potomac Two Step

At the first debate in the Missouri Senate race, voters sure got a glimpse of the real Claire McCaskill.

On question after question and issue after issue, McCaskill ran away from her liberal record in Washington. McCaskill pretended to be strong on border security, despite her opposition to building the wall, and she pretended to be a friend to agriculture, despite her repeated votes in favor of crippling regulations like the Waters of the United States Rule. And on questions on her personal finances, she played the victim, feigning outrage at the press calling her out for the fact that her husband’s companies have received $131 million in taxpayer subsidies and at calls for her to release her family’s tax returns.

“Missouri voters got a firsthand look today at Senator McCaskill and her Washington double-talk,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “The choice in Missouri couldn’t be clearer between Josh Hawley, a conservative fighter who will put Missouri first, and Claire McCaskill, a Washington liberal who is only out for herself.”