| Nate Brand

Sara Gideon’s “incorrect guidance”

After getting caught violating federal election laws, Gideon’s campaign blamed “incorrect guidance” for illegally using corporate money to reimburse herself for federal campaign contributions.

This begs the question: Where is this incorrect guidance?

Who issued guidance that OK’d a straw donor scheme? Why did this guidance allow corporate money to be given to a federal candidate?

Maine Public reported Friday that Gideon’s campaign “did not elaborate about where [the guidance] came from” and says that both the campaign manager and Gideon herself are refusing requests for interviews.

It’s time to come clean: Gideon must release the “incorrect guidance” that she received that told her to break federal election laws. 

“Shady Sara Gideon must release the ‘incorrect guidance’ she received that told her to break federal election laws,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Mainers can’t trust a shady politician hiding her reasons for breaking federal laws, all while trying to give away Maine’s voice to the liberals in Washington.”