| Nate Brand

Second-Tier Tomlinson Joins Georgia JV-Team Senate Primary

Washington, D.C.— This morning, second-tier Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson re-launched her Senate campaign after Democrats’ top pick Stacey Abrams declined to run.

“Second-Tier Tomlinson holds the same extreme positions as Stacey Abrams, but lacks her profile and political network,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand.“Georgia Democrats’ JV-team primary is a testament to Senator David Perdue’s strong position for re-election and record of being a political outsider who delivers results for all of Georgia.”

Here’s what you need to know about Teresa Tomlinson…

Radical, left-wing Democrat

  • Very aligned” with radical Need To Impeach founder Tom Steyer on “all of the policy issues.”
  • Supports the nearly $93 trillion job-killing Green New Deal“If you begin breaking things down and thinking how you can make that and adopt that incrementally, you’d be surprised how the people then understand it.”
  • Proud supporter of Nancy Pelosi

Derogatory language towards Georgia voters