Washington, D.C. – If you thought Democrats’ federal takeover of elections couldn’t get more radical, you were wrong. Today, Democrat Senate hopefuls in the House of Representatives voted to sneak even more radical provisions into their so-called “voting rights” bill. Senate hopefuls Conor Lamb, Val Demings, and Tim Ryan voted for a bill that includes last-minute additions like allowing candidates to receive up to $7.2 MILLION in tax dollars to fund their campaigns. 

This radical federal takeover of elections gives the U.S. Attorney General, an unelected government bureaucrat, the ability to change state voting laws passed by elected state officials. It also limits states’ ability to conduct voter roll maintenance and disregards state voter ID laws. 

Statement from NRSC Spokesman Jonathan Turcotte: “These last-minute provisions supported by Conor Lamb, Val Demings, and Tim Ryan are nothing more than a blatant Democrat power grab. Democrats know they are going to lose in November, and instead of reversing course on their unpopular agenda, they are trying to change election laws in their favor. Democrats’ federal takeover of elections isn’t about voting rights. It’s a desperate, last-ditch effort to save themselves in the mid-term elections. But don’t take it from us – Chuck Schumer already admitted it.”


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