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she can’t hide her record

As it becomes clearer that Claire McCaskill’s political career is coming to an end, the embattled Senator is really going to great lengths to spin her vote against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Missourian reports that McCaskill is desperately trying to distance herself from Democrats’ disgraceful antics during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, saying “Mistakes were made by both sides. I hope Missourians will notice I stayed out of it.” But what Missourians notice is that as an angry liberal mob tried to smear a good man, their Senator was nowhere to be found as she stood with her fellow Democrats and voted no.

McCaskill followed up by saying, “You can’t look at judges through the eyes of partisanship,” despite her long record of doing just that. McCaskill voted for 100% of Barack Obama’s judges, but has opposed both of President Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court, along with nearly half of his nominees to the Circuit Courts of Appeals. When it comes to judges, Claire McCaskill is and has always been a partisan.