Press Release
| Katie Martin

she’s back!

Vulnerable red state Democrats got some unwelcome news as the Washington Post revealed Hillary Clinton plans to hit the campaign trail in 2018.

The Post reports “Clinton will attempt to help Democratic candidates who have a history of supporting her and her family” which is bad news for the 10 Senate Democrats running for reelection in states President Trump won. After her defeat in 2016, Clinton has somehow found a way to become even more unpopular. With red state Democrats already facing an uphill climb to win reelection, will they reject Hillary Clinton’s return to the campaign trail? Or will they embrace the candidate they enthusiastically endorsed and fundraised for?

“Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “After leading Democrats to an electoral slaughter in 2016, Clinton is committed to helping her party lose again in 2018. Clinton’s arrival on the campaign trail will serve as a daily reminder to red state voters of the out-of-touch and elitist policies they emphatically rejected last election.”