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⚠ Sinema Gone Missing ⚠

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, citizens are encouraged to contact their local reporters or Sinema’s staff, who apparently have no idea where she’s disappeared to.

National Journal reports that Kyrsten Sinema has gone into hiding from the press and that even her own staff were “unable to name the last campaign event she held.” Reporter Josh Kraushaar writes:

“Trying to report on Sinema’s Senate campaign was like having to deal with an incompetent cable company. Calls and emails to her campaign went unreturned for days. The campaign didn’t provide a schedule of any events during my four days in the state, and a press secretary was unable to name the last campaign event she had held—before emailing me a few recent copies of the congresswoman’s campaign newsletter…

After the campaign directed me to a non-campaign event with her Veterans’ Advisory Council at a suburban Phoenix library, the congresswoman’s legislative press secretary said she wouldn’t be answering any questions after the event ended. She speedwalked out of the event, racing to her SUV in less than a minute’s time.”

Sinema may think she can dodge her way to a promotion, but Arizona families have important questions they want to see answered. With Sinema’s radical record of support for socialism and dangerous open borders policies, it’s understandable she’d want to stay hidden.

But her desperate hide-and-seek game with the press really invites the question — what exactly is she so afraid of?