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Sinema’s sticker shock

Arizonans are facing serious sticker shock after seeing the price tag for a national single-payer health care system supported by socialists Kyrsten Sinema and Bernie Sanders.

According to the study released today, a “Medicare for All” health care plan like what Sinema has supported in the past would cost taxpayers an astounding $32.6 trillion dollars, require “historic tax increases,” and drive up the nation’s health care spending.

The report is unwelcome news for Sinema, who has tried desperately to distance herself from her radical record of support for socialist ideals and government-run health care. But as Democrats continue extending an open embrace to the socialist policies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, Arizonans want to know why Sinema would continue supporting their most extreme ideas.

“Kyrsten Sinema can run, but she can’t hide from her record of support for a government-run socialist health care system or the $32 trillion it would cost American families,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Sinema’s government health care takeover would saddle Arizonans with ‘historic’ tax increases and leave families spending more on health care than ever before. Arizonans deserve to know why Sinema would abandon common sense in favor of such outlandish and extreme proposals from her party’s far-left.”


Kyrsten Sinema sponsored legislation to create a single-payer health care system in Arizona. (H.B. 2752)

Sinema backed single-payer health care and praised European socialist health care to the Arizona Republic. “I support universal health coverage that provides comprehensive coverage, ensures access to children, and removes profit from health care provision. Many countries throughout the world utilize universal health care systems for less cost to consumers and greater results, such as Canada, Germany, and Australia.” (Arizona Republic, 10/2/02)

Sinema described her political philosophy as a “Prada socialist,” meaning she supports socialism as long as she gets to keep her “fabulous accessories.” (Capitol Media Services, 10/27/06)