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still silent?

Kyrsten Sinema has sent multiple fundraising emails urging voters to give to her campaign in order to “elect more senators who share our values.”

But she still hasn’t made a peep about whether, if elected, she would side with partisan Democrats who are promising to obstruct any nominee the President puts forward or if she’s stand up with her constituents and confirm a justice who will defend our Constitution. NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard may have put it best:

So, Kyrsten Sinema, why are you still silent? If elected to the U.S. Senate would you side with the far-left’s resisters or would you work with the GOP to confirm Trump’s nominee?

“It’s time for Kyrsten Sinema to finally show some spine and tell Arizonans where she stands,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Arizonans want a Senator who will stand up and fight for them, not another career politician like Kyrsten Sinema who will just duck and hide until the political winds blow by.”