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STUDY: $32.6 trillion for Baldwin’s socialist health care scheme

A new study released today from the Mercatus Center, a policy think tank with George Mason University, confirmed an astounding $32.6 TRILLION price tag for Tammy Baldwin’s government-run health care plan and warned that “historic tax increases” would be needed to pay for it.

Tammy Baldwin may want to live in her party’s “socialist” fairytale land where everything is free and tax dollars grow on trees, but her support for Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care system would impose devastating costs on Wisconsin families and small businesses. The enormous price tag and tax increases aside, Baldwin’s plan would force Americans to give up the insurance they already have and replace it with government-run health care instead. Talk about a nightmare!

“Tammy Baldwin’s support for a $32.6 trillion socialist health care system shows how out of touch she is from the needs of Wisconsin families,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Wisconsinites deserve to know why Tammy Baldwin continues choosing Washington over Wisconsin even when it means putting their families at risk for a massive government takeover of their health care.”


Tammy Baldwin is an original co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Health Care Plan. (S. 1804, 115th Congress)

Tammy Baldwin on single-payer: “It’s been a long position of mine.” (The Capital Times, 7/6/2017)