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Supreme Court On The Forefront During Senate Debates

Washington, D.C. – This week, as debates across the country ramp up, voters are seeing what conservative values are at stake with the Senate Majority on the line, specifically in regards to the recent Supreme Court vacancy.

For Montanans, Steve Daines outlined how a conservative judge like Amy Coney Barrett can be one of Montana’s last lines of defense to protect their way of life:

[Daines] said Montanans want a Supreme Court justice who will protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and from “out of control radical groups” that are litigating timber projects and the Keystone XL pipeline, which crosses a portion of Montana.

“We need to keep these natural resource jobs going in Montana,” Daines said, adding Democrats would appoint “far-left justices and we can’t let that happen to our country.

Iowans watched as Theresa Greenfield flip flopped yet again on whether or not she supports packing the Supreme Court – just one item on her party’s extreme, liberal agenda. In Maine recently, Sara Gideon was unprepared to answer any questions on the Supreme Court, saying she would “have to study” the question more fully when asked if she would have supported Chief Justice John Roberts’ nomination.

“Voters are seeing the weight this Supreme Court vacancy carries, and what exactly is riding on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “The Senate Majority, and the balance of originalist Justices in the Supreme Court, could be the last line of defense against extreme liberals that want to destroy American democracy as we know it.”