Liberal dark money groups called in the cavalry, placing a television buy in Montana today to bail out Senator Tester in his uphill battle for re-election. The ad tries desperately to distract from Tester’s record as one of most comfortable politicians in the D.C. swamp.

But the truth is, if there’s anyone who “dresses up” as a Montanan, it’s Senator Jon Tester when election season gets close. Here’s what Montanans need to know about Jon Tester:

  • Tester has gotten rich on the backs of taxpayers. Since he was first elected, Tester’s net worth increased more than 5 times from just $766,000 to nearly $4 million. (Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 6/13/18)
  • Tester owns a sweet $1,000,000 home in Washington, D.C. nicknamed the “Cosmopolitan Castle.” (Trulia, accessed 6/14/18)
  • Tester is very tight with D.C. lobbyists. He’s received almost $1 million in contributions from lobbyists to bolster his campaign. (Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 5/22/18)
  • Tester is best friends with top Washington Democrats like Chuck Schumer – and even goes on vacation with him! In February 2016, Senator Tester went on a lavish $15,000 vacation to Cancun with Senator Schumer and Senator McCaskill – who even foot his bill for his $7,400 portion of the trip. (Deirdre Shesgreen, “Claire McCaskill Took Two Senate Friends On Pricey Cancun Trip,” USA Today, 5/30/27)
  • He votes more like a California liberal than a Montana farmer. He votes with Washington Democrats 90% of the time and has constantly worked to obstruct President Trump’s agenda. (Sen. Jon Tester, CQ Vote Studies, Accessed 2/16/17)

“Try as he might, no amount of dark money is going to be enough to distract from the ugly truth about just how comfortable Jon Tester’s gotten in the D.C. swamp,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “If Tester and his Washington allies think he can pull the wool over Montanans’ eyes, then he has another thing coming for him.”

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