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What Tester forgot in his phony newspaper ads

With President Trump set to take the stage in Great Falls, Montana this evening, Senator Tester has taken his utter desperation to new lows. In a pitiful last-ditch effort to paint himself as an ally of the Trump administration before tonight’s rally, Tester took out more than a dozen full-page ads in local newspapers this morning bragging about legislation the President signed and thanking Trump for his work on veterans.

Tester’s entire ad campaign is pretty laughable  – especially after Donald Trump Jr. called Tester out as “no partner of President Trump” in an op-ed for the Great Falls Tribune yesterday. If Tester were honest, here’s what he should have included in his ads before tonight’s rally:

  1. Tester would put the Supreme Court back in the hands of liberal activist judges. Tester voted AGAINST Trump’s first nominee to the Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch, but voted FOR 99% of President Obama’s judicial nominees including liberal Justices Kagan and Sotomayor. (CQ Vote Study, 7/10/17)
  2. Senator Tester has made himself far too comfortable in the Washington, D.C. “swamp.” Tester has increased his wealth 5 times over while in office to nearly $4 million, lives in a $1 million home on Capitol Hill nicknamed the “Cosmopolitan Castle” and his favorite hobbies include jet-setting with Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer on $15,000 vacations to Cancun.
  3. Tester is weak on border security, supports amnesty, wants open borders and has fought President Trump’s efforts to fix America’s broken immigration system. Tester voted to shut down the entire federal government in an attempt to give illegal immigrants amnesty, voted at least three times to support sanctuary cities and voted against funding President Trump’s border wall.
  4. Tester votes against President Trump and with Washington liberals every chance he gets.  Senator Tester votes against President Trump more than 75% of the time but votes with Senate Democrats 90% of the time. He voted against tax cuts, against funding the wall and against Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
  5. President Trump called on Senator Tester to resign from office. After waging a false smear campaign of President Trump’s pick to head the VA, President Trump called on Tester to resign from office and called him a “disgrace.”

“Tonight, President Trump is holding Senator Tester accountable for constantly standing with radical leftists like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer to ‘resist’ any and all progress this administration is making in Washington,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Tester has spent the last 20 years in office cozying up to lobbyists and out-of-touch Washington liberals, and no phony last-minute newspaper ads are going to be enough to cover up for his constant obstruction of President Trump’s agenda.”