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tick tock

It’s been two weeks since President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the judge has been making the rounds at the Capitol, meeting with Senators including Indiana Senator Todd Young. But Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly has refused to wake from his nap to even schedule a meeting with the esteemed jurist.

Sleepin’ Joe’s inaction on Judge Kavanaugh comes amid reports that Senate Democrats are intentionally delaying meetings with the nominee until given the go ahead by Chuck Schumer and his liberal leadership team. But as the liberal base demands that Democrats do everything in their power to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the majority of voters clearly want swift action.

With new polling showing that Hoosiers, by a 52-34 margin, want Judge Kavanaugh confirmed, can Sleepin’ Joe really afford to take part in Democrats’ political games?