“This is what Democratic leadership looks like.”

Washington, D.C. – As of late, Senate hopeful Tim Ryan (D-OH) has tried to distance himself from Biden and his party. He is now becoming known for his election year flip-flops, or what we are calling “Tim Ryan, Then vs. Now.”

The latest:

THEN (11/5/21)Ryan tweeted: “531,000 jobs added in October, beating all expectations. DOW over 36,000 for the first time in history. Unemployment fell to 4.6%, declining more this year than any other year on record. This is what Democratic leadership looks like.”


NOW (1/4/22): “Wherever we go, the issues are jobs, wages and economic security across the board,” Ryan said. “The economy has not been great. Whether you’re in manufacturing or farming, it’s been a tough slog for a long time…”

Will the real Tim Ryan please stand up?

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “It only took Tim Ryan three months to change his tune about an issue that’s so important to the American people. Why? He is a political opportunist and a political hack who changes his tune when it benefits his political career. Will the real Tim Ryan please stand up? Or do we need to get our necks used to this political whiplash?”


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