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Trump Jr.: Tester is “the definition of the swamp”

Donald Trump Jr. rallied Montanans last night in Bozeman, urging Treasure State voters to support Matt Rosendale and defeat Jon Tester.

Trump Jr. hammered Senator Tester for his deep ties to the Washington swamp, for taking more money from lobbyists than anyone else in the Senate, and pretending to be a hunter – despite records showing Tester only gets a hunting license in campaign years.

“He is the definition of the swamp,” Trump Jr. said. “He pretends to be like all of you. But he’s not. He pretends to be a hunter and an outdoorsman, the only problem is the last time he bought a hunting license was the last time he was up for re-election. He doesn’t actually hunt, he just shows up for the photo op.”

Trump Jr. also urged Montanans to elect Matt Rosendale and send President Trump the conservative fighter he needs in Washington.

“Matt Rosendale will vote to continue these tax cuts. He will vote to build the wall. He’ll vote in a way that makes sense for his constituents. He’ll actually put the people of Montana ahead of people who are in this country illegally,” Trump Jr. said. “We need people in D.C. who get that. We need people who will fight with my father because he’s done a lot of great things.

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Donald Trump Jr. calls for Tester’s ouster at Bozeman rally

The president’s oldest son told a crowd crammed into a building at the fairgrounds here Tuesday night that he loves Montana. But Donald Trump Jr., making his second appearance in the state this year, does not love Montana’s senior senator, Democrat Jon Tester, and he called on the crowd to oust the two-term incumbent. “He is the definition of the swamp,” Trump Jr. said. “He pretends to be like all of you. But he’s not.” Trump Jr. was here to rally support for Tester’s Republican challenger, state auditor Matt Rosendale. The walls were lined with Rosendale signs. A few hundred people showed up, some wearing Rosendale T-shirts and stickers along with bright red “Make America Great Again” hats.

Helena IR: Donald Trump Jr. rallies crowd in Bozeman

Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd here Tuesday night that even though his father’s name isn’t on the ballot this November, everything the president stands for is at stake in this year’s midterm elections. “You have to realize that Donald Trump is on the ticket in six weeks,” Trump Jr. told a crowd of several hundred gathered at the fairgrounds here for a rally supporting Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. “I don’t want to take a two-year hiatus where nothing gets done because obstructionist Democrats control (Congress) … it can all go away like that,” Trump Jr. said.

NBC Montana: Donald Trump Jr. campaigns in Bozeman for Rosendale

Donald Trump Jr. urged Montana voters to get out and vote this November during a campaign rally Tuesday night for Matt Rosendale. Trump Jr. told attendees it’s important Republicans hold onto the house and senate, saying it’s like his father is on the ticket this November. The rally, held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, was paid for and organized by Republican senate candidate and current State Auditor Matt Rosendale. Organizers say 600 people showed up for the rally which had free registration. After praising his father’s time in office and stressing his outdoorsmanship, Donald Trump Jr. took the stand to say he wants “two-faced Tester” out of office, once and for all. “The number one recipient of DC lobbyist dollars…he vacations with Chuck Schumer in Cancun — a $15,000 dollar vacation — do any of you get to do that? — no,” he said to the crowd.

ABC FOX Montana: Donald Trump Jr. rallies Montanans behind Rosendale, hurls insults at Tester

Donald Trump Jr. returned to Montana Tuesday, to campaign for Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale in a rally that brought in about 600 people. “It’s great to be here, Montana is a place that’s near and dear to my heart,” Trump Jr. said. Trump Jr. was last to speak at the rally for Rosendale at the Gallatin Co. Fairgrounds in Bozeman and spent part of his 25 minute speech slamming Rosendale’s opponent, Sen. Jon Tester, even referring to him as ‘two-faced Tester.’ “He’s not a moderate. He’s a radical liberal that dresses the part of conservative and that’s it,” Trump Jr. said.