The NRSC is debuting its second West Virginia ad this morning, holding Joe Manchin accountable for putting Washington liberals like Hillary Clinton ahead of West Virginians.

Even after Hillary Clinton promised to put coal miners out of work, Joe Manchin continued to support her. Manchin even admitted that he voted for Hillary Clinton over President Trump in 2016. And Manchin has continued his fight against the Trump agenda in Washington, voting against key priorities, including the President’s tax cut bill. It’s clear that West Virginians can’t count on Joe Manchin to fight for their values.

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“Joe Manchin voted for Hillary Clinton and her coal-killing policies, and he’s continued his resistance to President Trump, voting against the President’s key priorities, like middle-class tax cuts,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Joe Manchin has proven he is loyal to Hillary and her Washington Democrat allies, not to West Virginia families.”


VO: Hillary declares war on coal.

Hillary: “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

VO: And Manchin backs her.

MANCHIN: “I support Hillary Clinton.”

MANCHIN: “I voted for Hillary Clinton”

VO: Now Manchin’s fighting the Trump Agenda.

TRUMP: “But he votes against everything. And he voted against our tax cuts.”

PENCE: Senator Joe Manchin has voted no time and again on the policies that West Virginia needs.

VO: When Manchin left for Washington he left his West Virginia values behind.

VO: NRSC is responsible for the content of this advertising

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