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TV AD: Say it Ain’t So, Joe

The NRSC is up today with its first West Virginia TV ad of 2018, highlighting Joe Manchin’s transformation from West Virginia Joe to Washington Joe.

Joe Manchin has lost touch with West Virginia. Since he came to Washington, Manchin has become just another Washington Democrat, living on a luxury yacht, endorsing the disastrous policies of liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and opposing President Trump on key priorities like tax cuts and building the wall. It’s clear Joe Manchin no longer represents West Virginia.

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“Joe Manchin has betrayed West Virginians by backing the worst policies of coal-killing liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, while refusing to support President Trump on everything from tax cuts to building the wall,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Manchin puts on a phony, folksy show when he’s back home, but the truth is that he stopped looking out for West Virginians a long time ago.”


VO: When did it happen Joe?

VO:  When did you change from West Virginia Joe, to Washington Joe.

VO: When did you leave here, for your $700,000 DC luxury yacht there?

VO: When did you choose your new friends…Hillary and Obama

VO: When did you decide to oppose tax cuts…

VO: …and building the wall…

VO: Joe Manchin’s no longer one of us.

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