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TV AD: Snore

The latest TV ad in Indiana from the NRSC reminds Hoosiers of Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly’s do-nothing record in Washington.

Sleepin’ Joe has made a career out of doing nothing. During his time in the Senate, Sleepin’ Joe has missed nearly one-in-five committee hearings and has been named the least effective Democrat in the upper chamber. And when Sleepin’ Joe does show up for work, he’s selling out Hoosiers, voting to give taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants. Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly is not working for Indiana.

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“Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly has accomplished nothing in Washington, other than cozying up to the liberals in his party,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “It’s clear Sleepin’ Joe isn’t working for Hoosiers, and it’s time to replace him with Mike Braun, a businessman who knows how to get things done.”

Transcript: Snore

VO: Shhh

VO: Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly is at work

VO: Snoozing through nearly one-in-five committee hearings

VO: And snuggling up to the radical left

VO: His votes making it easier for dangerous illegal immigrants to enter our country and give them taxpayer funded benefits

VO: For his efforts, Sleepin’ Joe was even named the least effective Democrat in the Senate

VO: Because Sleepin’ Joe Donnelly just isn’t working for Indiana

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