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West Virginia to Manchin: Confirm Kavanaugh

While Joe Manchin puts on his little show of pretending to take West Virginians’ thoughts into consideration with his roundtable photo-ops, reports show that he and his fellow Washington Democrats are intentionally delaying meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh until they get the go-ahead from New York liberal Chuck Schumer.

But West Virginians are in no mood for Manchin and his Democrat colleagues’ political games, with a new poll showing that 55% of Mountain State voters want Judge Kavanaugh confirmed.

Manchin has been following Schumer’s lead on Judge Kavanaugh, refusing to schedule a meeting and echoing Democrats’ talking points, dishonestly linking his vote on the Supreme Court nominee to health care issues. When the time comes, will Manchin follow Schumer and the #resistance off the cliff and vote against Judge Kavanaugh?