Caught “Flat-Footed,” President’s “Miscalculation” and “Blunder” Has “Disastrous, Predictable Results” and “Devastating” Consequences

Washington, D.C. – On July 8, President Joe Biden declared, “the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” Barely six weeks later, Biden and the Democratic allies that cheered him on could not be more wrong. Now that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, his failed leadership in Afghanistan is not going unnoticed.

Here’s what they are saying about Biden’s failed leadership:

Axios: “Biden’s stain: U.S. flees Kabul”

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT): “Given the number of American lives lost and the number of soldiers who came back with life-changing injuries, it’s devastating to watch 20 years of U.S. support for the Afghanistan army amount to almost nothing.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Our union is watching a traffic foreign policy disaster unfold before our eyes … The rapid crumbling of the country has caught the Biden White House flat-footed.”

MSNBC Political Analyst Susan Del Percio: “This happened under President Biden … We should hold him accountable for his leadership during this time, which has frankly been an utter failure … There is only one person to hold responsible and that is President Biden.”

Washington Post: “How wrong the Biden Administration was about Afghanistan.”

USA Today Editorial Board: “Biden’s Afghanistan horror: A well-intentioned miscalculation with disastrous, predictable results.”

USA Today Editorial Board: “Few American presidents have had their blunders so spectacularly validated in real time as Joe Biden in Afghanistan.”

Human Rights Attorney Kimberley Motley: “This is like Saigon on steroids.”

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: “Biden’s Afghanistan Surrender”

Bloomberg: “Biden’s ‘America’s Back’ Vow Torched as Taliban Storm Kabul”

Associated Press: “Biden team surprised by rapid Taliban gains in Afghanistan”

Washington Posts’ Philip Rucker: “What’s amazing is President Biden ran for office as the foreign policy expert … and yet look at how poorly planned this seems to be right now. It is a calamity playing out hour-by-hour on television.”

New York Times: “Blinken says the Taliban moved faster than expected, but defends removal of U.S. troops.”


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