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#WheresSinema? Sinema called out for going MIA

Reporters aren’t the only ones frustrated Kyrsten Sinema has gone MIA on the campaign trail. This weekend, Kyrsten Sinema was stopped at her ritzy fundraiser at the luxe 5-star Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and asked why she has refused to hold public events in Arizona, despite finding time to fundraise in California.

“Excuse me, Congresswoman Sinema, why do you continue to not hold events in Arizona yet fundraise in San Francisco?,” Sinema is askedwhile walking down the hotel’s marbled lobby.

True to form, Sinema refused to answer before ducking out as soon as possible.

The interaction this weekend comes after reporters have complained that dealing with her campaign was like “dealing with an incompetent cable company” and after her own staff “was unable to name the last campaign event she had held,” but also as many have begun to notice her conspicuous silence on the campaign trail.

“Sinema may want to dodge Arizonans, but voters deserve to know where she stands on important issues like border security, single-payer health care, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and funding Arizona Air Force bases,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Arizonans are ready for a Senator who will stand up and fight, not another spineless politician like Kyrsten Sinema who’d rather duck and hide until the election is over.”