In their first projections for the 2024 Senate map, the UVA Center for politics is starting imperiled West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s race as Lean Republican, a decision even they acknowledge is “fairly unusual” for an incumbent.

West Virginia rejected Joe Biden by close to 40 points in 2020, but Joe Manchin ignored his constituents when he wrote Joe Biden’s signature piece of legislation, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. Since then, polls have shown his approval rating has taken a major hit.

NRSC Comment: “West Virginians made it overwhelmingly clear they reject Joe Biden and his far-left agenda, but Joe Manchin sold them out when he led the way on Biden’s anti-coal, green energy boondoggle. Joe Manchin has a simple choice: retire now or get fired in 2024.” – NRSC Spokesman Philip Letsou

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