The National Republican Senatorial Committee released the following statement welcoming former Swalwell for President Campaign Chair Ruben Gallego to the Arizona Senate race:

“The Democrat civil war is on in Arizona. Chuck Schumer has a choice: stand with open borders radical Ruben Gallego or back his incumbent, Senator Kyrsten Sinema.” – NRSC Spokesman Philip Letsou

Get to Know Ruben Gallego:

– Ruben Gallego was the national campaign chairman for Eric Swalwell’s failed 2020 presidential campaign. Swalwell dropped out after just three months.

– Gallego introduced a bill to allow illegal immigrants to serve in the U.S. military and tried to ban the term “illegal alien” in federal law.

– While tens of millions of Americans remained locked down at home during the pandemic, Ruben Gallego and Eric Swalwell took an all-expenses paid trip to Qatar, posing for shirtless pictures riding camels and meeting with groups tied to terrorist activity.

– Gallego hired a convicted felon to advise his Senate campaign.

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