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Reporters in Washington, D.C., have claimed that Mark Begich is running a good campaign. Over the last five days, he's proven that wisdom completely wrong.

Over the weekend, an attorney — who represents the multiple victims of what was arguably one of the worst crimes in Alaska's history — accused Senator Begich of exploiting their pain for his own political gain.

Tim Cameron | September 02, 2014 |

Historically, one single, big issue defines an election.

That isn't quite the case this cycle, mostly because voters see problems at every turn. They feel like everything is going poorly: the economy (and their own economic security), Obamacare, spending, the crippling debt, immigration, management of government, and foreign policy. It’s shaping up to be the "chaos election."

Chaos, of course, brings us back to the president's foreign policy. Time Magazine (and thousands of others) reported on Obama's disastrous foreign policy admission yesterday:

Tim Cameron | August 29, 2014 |

Meet Giopi!

Giopi is a fun-loving elephant who is helping the Republicans win a Senate majority. Giopi looks up to the great Republican elephants from yesteryear.

NRSC | August 28, 2014 |

In a recent statement, Harry Reid said that Republicans are unlikely to gain a Senate majority this fall. While the senator appears confident that there is nothing to worry about, some believe otherwise — and for good reason.

In the second part of Caitlin Huey-Burns' look at the Senate races, she lays out the case for a GOP Senate majority: "Why Republicans Will Take the Senate." Consider six points from her RealClearPolitics article:

Tim Cameron | August 28, 2014 |
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