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5X Matching Deadline Extended…

This is an urgent update:

We extended the deadline for you to activate your 2018 Charter Membership and get your membership donation 5X matched!


We’ve extended the activation deadline to midnight tonight in order to give Senate Republican campaigns a desperately needed fundraising boost before Election Day.

Rush in an immediate contribution to activate your membership and help us secure conservative victories in the upcoming midterms.

This is why your membership contribution matters:

  • Many key Senate races are polling within the margin of error. That means the threat of a Democrat Senate Majority is still very much in play.
  • Democrats have ramped up their attacks. Liberal special interest groups are spending millions of dollars to continue airing negative and misleading attack ads on television, radio, and online.
  • The liberal media has never been on our side. They will say or do anything to distract from the Democrats’ failed liberal policies.

Senate Republicans are relying on your help to counter the Democrats’ baseless attacks and continue funding our grassroots initiatives.

Take advantage of the extended deadline now – Renew your membership before midnight tonight!

All contributions 5x matched!

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Thanks for your continued support,


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