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April Monthly Roundup

The Republican Senate Majority is fighting the Coronavirus and continues to send immediate relief to hospitals, small businesses, and families during the pandemic.


We released a new video to say thank you to all the health care workers and everyone risking their lives on the front lines to keep people safe during Coronavirus.


Into the States!



With summer months and peak tourism approaching, Dan Sullivan is working to ease the financial strain on seasonal businesses that face additional hardship in the coming months due to Coronavirus.



Martha McSally has been working nonstop to make sure Arizonans have the help and resources they need during Coronavirus.

Martha is leading by example and showing what it means to be a public servant for America in its time of need.

Martha donated her paycheck to go toward Coronavirus relief to help ease the burden Coronavirus has put on our communities.

She has been traveling to all corners of Arizona to help during Coronavirus and recently delivered much-needed medical supplies to a hospital in Flagstaff and volunteered at the local food bank. 

Martha even donated blood when she heard there was a shortage during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Cory Gardner helped pass the CARES Act that sent immediate relief to struggling small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program so employees could continue to be paid.

Cory worked to hold the World Health Organization accountable for covering up for China amidst the spread of Coronavirus.

Cory secured 100,000 masks from Taiwan for Colorado hospitals and medical professionals to ensure their safety on the job. Cory then received another 100,000 masks from Lowes for the same goal – protecting doctors and nurses on the front lines.

Cory condemned China for covering up the Coronavirus and causing a global pandemic that is putting billions of lives at risk.

Cory’s hard work also secured 150,000 Coronvarius testing kits for Colorado from South Korea.



David Perdue was named to President Trump’s Congressional Economic Task Force to help reopen and revitalize the economy after Coronavirus.

Kelly Loeffler was also named to President Trump’s task force and discussed how she is making sure they take the necessary precautions to continue to protect American lives.

Kelly’s work to help pass the CARES Act is getting relief and resources to Georgians and small businesses to keep their doors open and keep staff employed during the Coronavirus.



Iowans have a strong leader in Joni Ernst and know she will fight for them no matter what because she’s proved it during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Joni is fighting to protect the elderly and most vulnerable to make sure they have the care they need and a safe and healthy place to receive their usual treatments during Coronavirus.

As a survivor, Joni was a strong voice in the effort for more funding for domestic violence programs during Coronavirus and additional protections for victims of domestic violence who may have an unstable home life.

Joni created a Coronavirus portal on her website so Iowans could easily access the latest information and read the stories of how Iowans are coming together to help each other in a time of crisis.


Joni’s message to Iowans through this has always been clear: that we will get through this by working together even while we are apart.



Mitch McConnell’s bold leadership to pass the CARES Act is working for Kentuckians and making sure they have all the resources they need to make it through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mitch announced $77.2 million from the CARES Act for 55 airports across Kentucky to help cover overall costs.



Susan Collins was instrumental in the passing of the CARES Act, which has helped millions of small businesses and families.


Susan co-authored the Paycheck Protection Program that has given loans to millions of small businesses so they can stay open and keep their employees on payroll.


Susan announced an additional $100 million in funding from FEMA for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program to make sure they have the resources needed.

Susan continued her work for Maine’s small businesses after the passage of the CARES Act with a push for an additional $350 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program while also emphasizing help needed for those who are self-employed.

Susan released a video thanking all of Maine’s companies and essential workers who have continued to provide for others during Coronavirus.


Susan also announced $41 million from the CARES Act for Maine universities and students to assist with food, housing, and technology costs during the Coronavirus pandemic.



John James discussed the response to Coronavirus in Michigan and urged Michigan’s leaders to do more to ensure the health and safety of the people but also the National Guard and those on the front lines protecting us.


Steve Daines is fighting for Montana’s small businesses to make sure owners and their employees don’t get left behind during Coronavirus. 

Steve visited the University of Montana to witness their progress on a potential vaccine for Coronavirus.

Steve took the time to deliver lunch to the National Guardsmen at Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport who are working overtime to make sure no one is bringing Coronavirus into Montana.

Thanks to Steve’s work to pass the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program is working for thousands of Montanans and keeping small businesses open and employees paid.


North Carolina

Thom Tillis worked hard to pass the CARES Act to send relief to North Carolinians.


Thom is now working with President Trump’s task force and North Carolina leaders to find safe solutions for reopening the economy

Thom has been a leading voice in the discussion on how to safely start to reopen businesses to get people back to work while making sure CDC guidelines are followed.



John Cornyn worked hard to pass the CARES Act for Texas and is proud of the way Texans have responded to Coronavirus and their efforts to slow the spread.

John announced $23 million from the CARES Act for East Texas universities’ Coronavirus response.

John supports President Trump’s decision to suspend funding to the World Health Organization for how they handled the Coronavirus outbreak and allowing China to cover it up.

With the success of the CARES Act, John agrees with Texas leaders that the time has come to start safely reopening some businesses.