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| Jon Adams, Digital Director

Candidates like Cruz, McSally, Blackburn

Here’s a quick battleground update:

  • 6 Senate races are currently rated as toss-ups by Real Clear Politics.
  • Republican candidates in battleground states are at risk of being overwhelmed by the Democrats’ cash advantage.
  • Democrats have escalated their attack ads on television, radio, and online.

Things are only going to get worse – unless grassroots conservatives step up. Pitch in now to prevent Chuck Schumer and the Democrats from taking over.

Liberal extremists are willing to do or say anything to capture the majority and obstruct President Trump’s plans for the future.

We’ve fought too hard to give up now, which is why we activated our 5x matching program until midnight tonight.

This is an emergency. With only 13 days until Election Day, we need to act quickly to provide immediate assistance to Republican candidates in battleground states. We need candidates like Ted Cruz, Martha McSally, Marsha Blackburn (to name a few) in the senate. Make a 5x matched donation NOW. Your contribution will go directly to the front lines in the fight for President Trump’s Majority.

President Trump and Senate Republicans are relying upon your support. If you want to continue Making America Great Again, step up and make a 5x matched contribution before midnight.

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We can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support during this highly competitive election cycle.


Jon Adams
Digital Director, NRSC


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