| Sami Gilkes

Check out what Cory Gardner has been up to this month!

Cory Gardner has been busy back home in Colorado! 

Cory spent the Fourth of July in Wiggins, CO. At the parade, he presented the Citizen of the Year Award and Veteran of the Year Award. He also spoke to veterans in the community about the bipartisan Veterans Small Business Ownership Improvements Act which he recently introduced.

“On the Fourth of July we come together and celebrate people like Thomas Jefferson, the American flag and the independence that made this country great,” Cory said.

This past weekend, Cory Gardner attended the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado. Cory earned standing ovations as he spoke out against the most radical ideas that the Democrats are campaigning on for 2020.

“While the left will cry out that Republicans are fear-mongering and using socialism as a scare tactic, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Just look at the policies their party now stands for,” Cory said. He listed some of those radical ideas that not only the Democrat presidential candidates are spearheading, but some of the extreme Democrats running against Cory support:

“Socialized medicine, the Green New Deal, eliminating the Electoral College, dictating what job you can and can’t have, packing the courts, massive tax increases, open borders, and the list goes on and on and on.”

The Democrats are trying to completely reshape our government and our country with their Socialist ideas. As one speaker at the convention said, “there’s not enough money to make the left happy.”

In his speech, Cory emphasized the Democrats’ socialist policies and said that he worries about “what America will become under the far-left’s ideology.”