| Matt Whitlock

Chuck Schumer’s Choice in Maine Blasted by Dems for Hypocrisy

Yesterday, Sara Gideon, Chuck Schumer’s choice for Maine Democrats, announced she was running for the Senate. In an effort to win over the Maine progressives who have already flocked to other candidates like Betsy Sweet and Bre Kidman, Gideon attacked Susan Collins for taking money from drug and insurance companies, and also pledged not take any Corporate PAC money.

But wait a second…

As Mainers (including Maine Democrats) have noted, Gideon HERSELF has taken a significant amount of money from drug and insurance companies. 

She has also taken significant contributions from Corporate PACs and special interest groups.

Docs show Sara Gideon built career on corporate donations, used funds to boost US Senate campaign

They’ve even blasted her for fundraising during the legislative session.

The bottom line: If you’re going to make a major campaign promise, make sure you haven’t already violated it. Because the internet keeps receipts.