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December Monthly Roundup


Dan Sullivan continues to focus on ways to combat the staggering statistics of veteran suicide across our country and provide our veterans with the best care possible.

Dan also announced a $35 million HUD grant for Alaska’s earthquake disaster recovery.


Martha McSally never stops working for Arizonans. She has drafted more bills than any of her freshmen Senate colleagues!

Arizonans are showing their gratitude to Martha for her support of permanently funding the Water Conservation Fund.

We also had Martha on the 20 for 20 podcast this month and talked about Braveheart, her dog Boomer, being the first female fighter pilot, paragliding and more.


Cory Gardner’s work to shorten the national Suicide Prevention Hotline number to 9-8-8 has made progress to help potentially save lives.

John Hickenlooper is still facing ethics complaints about his free plane rides so we introduced the Joyride John Travel Agency, complete with an ad and travel brochure, to make sure Coloradans know Hickenlooper can’t be trusted.

Hickenlooper’s actions were accused of being fraudulent by one Colorado Democrat. Meanwhile, other state lawmakers are trying to protect him from his ethics complaint and impending hearing.


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that Kelly Loeffler will be appointed to Senator Johnny Isakson’s open seat.

Loeffler’s business acumen and leadership gives Georgia a unique and valuable voice in the US Senate who can help President Trump and our Republican majority continue to bolster a record-breaking economy, strengthen our military, and confirm constitutionalist judges.


Joni Ernst came on the 20 for 20 podcast this month to talk about motorcycles, growing up on a farm, and her passion for serving the men and women of Iowa.


Mitch McConnell backed the Bipartisan American Miners Act of 2019 that will stabilize pensions and health benefits for retired coal miners and their families.


Susan Collins announced her campaign for reelection this month, and we look forward to another term with her strong, independent leadership in the Senate!

Susan received the 2019 Support of Science Award for her dedication and support of scientific research.

Susan also announced $130,000 to go toward funding for low income housing projects in Maine.

Sara Gideon was found guilty of paying herself back through her own PAC, so we launched new ads reminding Mainers just who Guilty Gideon really is.

Gideon continues her hypocritical agenda. While running ads saying she won’t take money from corporate PACs, she continues to rely on PACs funded with corporate money to boost her campaign.

Gideon also decried Pharma money, but has taken thousands of dollars from drug companies. She’s not fooling Mainers.


A watchdog group also claims that Jerry Peters illegally coordinated with a dark money group running ads in Michigan.


Steve Daines introduced the Water Rights Bill that will settle the claims of the Montana tribes and allocate $1.9 billion to rehabilitate the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis continues to put our veterans first and know they deserve the best, which is why he is raising concerns about the state of the privatized military housing.


John Cornyn announced a $25 million federal grant for Kingwood High School to rebuild after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

As John continues his work for Texans, the Democrat primary is in full-swing and national Democrats are under fire for dismissing one of the most diverse fields in the country to endorse Hollywood Hegar.