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Here’s the Democrat Presidential Candidates’ Craziest Stances

Bernie Sanders Supports:

Joe Biden Supports:

Elizabeth Warren Supports:

Cory Booker Supports:

  • $15 minimum wage –Facebook
  • Free college –POLITICO
  • Abolishing the Electoral College –POLITICO
  • Green New Deal –Twitter
  • Medicare for All –POLITICO
  • Baby Bonds –CNBC
    • Would allow kids from the poorest families to enter adulthood with a nest egg of up to $46,000 to invest in education, home ownership, or retirement.
  • Free college –POLITICO
  • Late term abortions –POLITICO

Beto O’Rourke Supports:

Kamala Harris Supports:

Pete Buttigieg Supports:

  • Expanding Supreme Court to 15 Justices and upending nomination process all to pack the Court –POLITICO
  • Late term abortions –Fox News
  • Green New Deal –CNN
  • Abolishing the Electoral College and stated, “Absolutely, it has got to go.” –POLITICO

Kirsten Gillibrand Supports:

  • Expanding the Supreme Court in order to pack it with liberals –POLITICO
  • Free college –POLITICO
  • “Proud to support @brianschatz’s bill to abolish the Electoral College.” –TWITTER
  • Late term abortions –POLITICO
  • Green New Deal –POLITICO
  • Abolishing ICE –CNN

Amy Klobuchar Supports:

Jay Inslee Supports:

  • Eliminating the Electoral College as he believes it is an “artifact of the thirteen colonies” –Pod Save America
  • His own plan – similar to the Green New Deal – which would shut down the U.S. coal industry in the next ten years –POLITICO

Marianne Williamson Supports:

  • Abolishing the Electoral College –Washington Post
  • Medicare for All –POLITICO
  • Free public college and the cancellation of existing student loan debt –WMUR
  • “We need a Green New Deal, and we also need to address the spiritual rift between humanity and nature. The earth is not ours to dominate, but to cherish” –Twitter

Andrew Yang Supports:

  • Court packing –POLITICO
  • Socialized medicine
    • “We must move in the direction of a single-payer system” –POLITICO
  • “Aligned and on board” with the Green New Deal –Twitter
  • Universal income for every adult of $12,000 per year –Business Insider

John Delaney Supports:

Julian Castro Supports:

Michael Bennet Supports:

  • Abolishing the Electoral College
    • “I am for getting rid of the Electoral College.” –Fox News

Eric Swalwell Supports:

  • “I support a bill that would give Medicare to all” –CNN
  • Green New Deal –POLITICO
  • Banning semi-automatic weapons –Washington Times

Tulsi Gabbard Supports:

John Hickenlooper Supports:

Wayne Messam Supports:

  • Supports universal healthcare –WBUR
  • Late term abortions –WBUR

Seth Moulton Supports:

Tim Ryan Supports:

Steve Bullock:

  • Wants to reform campaign finance laws –Yahoo!