| Sami Gilkes

Donnelly’s Dollar-an-Hour Days

Happy National Dollar Day, Mexico Joe!

Today is National Dollar Day, and it reminded us of Mexico Joe Donnelly and his own rocky relationship with the American dollar.

Mexico Joe Donnelly raked in cash when his family’s business outsourced jobs to Mexico,¬†personally profiting from shipping Hoosier jobs to Guadalajara where they could pay workers less than one dollar an hour.

These workers would have to work 37,021 days – over 100 years – just to earn what Mexico Joe Donnelly makes in a year doing absolutely nothing in Washington. While he was busy outsourcing jobs to Mexico, he also earned the #1 spot as the least effective Democrat in the Senate.

During his decade in Washington, Mexico Joe Donnelly has earned nearly $2 million of taxpayer money for doing literally nothing.

A Different Kind of Leader

This November, Hoosiers get to cast their vote for someone who knows how to get things done and put American workers first, unlike Mexico Joe Donnelly. Mike Braun is a Hoosier businessman who created a successful American business, paying nearly double the minimum wage for starting employees. He has made of a career of creating good-paying jobs that benefit Hoosier communities and families.

So on this National Dollar Day, remember that Mexico Joe Donnelly cares more about his own personal profits than creating good-paying jobs for Americans. Hoosiers deserve so much better than someone who leaves¬†hardworking Hoosier families behind. It’s time for Mexico Joe Donnelly to go!

Pitch in to help get rid of Mexico Joe!