| Sami Gilkes

Harry Reid STILL Meddling in Senate Races

Former Minority Leader Harry Reid is still trying to meddle in Senate races. He handpicked Representative Jacky Rosen to run, and now, he’s made sure she’ll be a liberal puppet in the Senate, reporting directly to Reid’s successor and New York Democrat, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

I am, as everyone knows, a huge backer of Jacky Rosen. I helped her come out of the private sector into the public sector. She’s been stunningly good. In fact, Chuck Schumer told me, and he’s known in political circles as having an astute mind politically, that she remind him of the movie The Natural with Robert Redford.

So far, Rep. Rosen has proven loyal to California Democrat, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, voting with her 91% of the time. Leader Pelosi has rewarded this loyalty to the tune of $28K as of June. Rep. Rosen even went so far with her loyalty to Pelosi that she opposed bipartisan legislation to help our veterans. 

Now, she wants a promotion to the Senate where she can answer to a new Leader, Schumer? Nevadans deserve better than a candidate picked by a failed Minority Leader, a New York Democrat, and a California liberal.

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