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Help Secure Republican Victories!

All of the latest polls indicate that several Senate races will come down to just a few votes on Election Day. In the next 2 days, Americans will decide if we want to keep a Republican Majority that fights for the American people or switch to a Schumer-led Majority that works for liberal special interest groups. In order to truly cement our conservative agenda, we need your help.

That’s why we activated 5x Matching until 11:59 PM tonight  – Will you step up now to maximize your impact on the midterm elections?






President Trump and his Republican Senate Majority have accomplished so much. Losing control of the Senate would mean Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders would have the power to undo all of the incredible progress that America has made in the last two years.

Now is the time for you to take action and get involved – Make a 5x matched donation to help Republicans secure victories on Election Day!

With your help, we can mobilize grassroots conservatives and vote liberal obstructionists out of office on Election Day.

Senate Republicans

Reminder: All donations will be 5x matched until 11:59 PM tonight! 

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