| Sami Gilkes

Hickenblooper’s Top Bloopers

After John Hickenlooper was forced to apologize for comparing politicians to “slaves being whipped to row ‘an ancient slave ship,'” it was reported that after all these gaffes, “Hickenlooper has expressed some ‘concern’ privately over the state of his campaign in recent days. Thoughts are starting to creep in he could blow it and lose primary to Romanoff.”

Here are some more HickenBloopers™️ that may be the cause for “concern” for his campaign…

Topping the list of Hickenblooper’s all-time greatest bloopers is the admission that he is “not cut out” to be a Senator… just months before announcing his run… to be a Senator.

Who could forget the time he noted with surprise that a group of African American pastors were “so articulate.”

In one of his recently-surfaced Hickenbloopers, he dresses up in a Native American headdress…


Hickenblooper was asked by reporters about his ethics violations (which he was eventually fined for) and tried to ignore them.

Hopefully, that time Hickenblooper saw an X-rated film with his mom was indeed a blooper…

At one of Hickenblooper’s terrible debates, he can’t remember if he broke state laws by driving or flying (it was both), and then just laughs it off.


There’s the time Hickenblooper got uncomfortably close to a Democrat protester…

Hickenblooper also called Kyrsten Sinema “breathtaking,” yet couldn’t even remember her name… 🤔

Hickenblooper struggles mightily with both “questions” and “technology” as this classic video highlights.

Last but not least, Hickenblooper detailed his sexual conquests in his autobiography. It’s hard to believe this was a blooper since it was a published book, but publishing is definitely a miscalculation of some sorts.