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| Sami Gilkes

Every Day is National High Five Day when You’re High Five Heidi Heitkamp!

While today is National High Five Day, Senator Heidi Heitkamp celebrated back in January when she gave a big high five to her DC boss, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, after voting against North Dakotans.

Immediately after Sen. Heitkamp voted against banning abortions after 5-months, Sen. Schumer was sure to give her a high five, celebrating her choice to side with Washington liberals.

56% of North Dakotans were hoping to see Sen. Heitkamp vote instead to ban abortions after 5-months, but she let her pro-life state down – much to Sen. Schumer’s delight. Then again, North Dakotans have gotten used to Sen. Heitkamp letting them down. Take a look at High Five Heidi’s high five letdowns:

High Five Heidi’s “High Five”

#1: No on tax relief

In a major betrayal to North Dakotans, Sen. Heitkamp voted against tax cuts. And despite her misleading rhetoric, North Dakotans benefitted more than any state from the Republican tax cuts.

#2: No on defunding sanctuary cities

Sen. Heitkamp also voted no to cracking down on sanctuary cities. This bill had bipartisan support, but as always, Sen. Heitkamp just couldn’t stand up to her party bosses.

#3: No on repealing anti-energy policy

Sen. Heitkamp was the deciding vote to keep the Obama Administration’s harmful methane rule in place. Even after Obama has left, she has protected his anti-North Dakota policies.

#4: No on repealing Obamacare every single chance she got

Sen. Heitkamp has voted to protect Obamacare at every turn – again siding with Obama and his anti-North Dakota policies over the state she claims to defend.

#5: No on 5-month abortion ban.

This list wouldn’t be complete without the vote that earned her the coveted high five from her party leader. While Sen. Schumer and Sen. Heitkamp were celebrating, North Dakotans saw who Sen. Heitkamp supports when it matters most.

Sen. Heitkamp’s high five votes are just the top five reasons North Dakotans will vote her out in November. After nearly six years of letting them down, North Dakotans have had enough of High Five Heidi.