| Sami Gilkes

ICYMI: BernieCare Introduced in the Senate

Today, Axios reported that Bernie Sanders is introducing a bill to force all Americans into government-run health care, which means fewer choices, longer wait times, and higher taxes. If you agree that socialized medicine is bad for our country, sign the petition to STOP the plan!

Read the story here:

Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” push, which he’ll renew today at 11 a.m., has upended Democratic politics almost as thoroughly as it would upend the health care system, Axios health care editor Sam Baker writes.

  • Why it matters: The coverage most of us are used to — private insurance through the workplace — would change or even disappear.
  • The only question Democrats are really debating is how far to go, and how quickly.

What it would mean for you: Sanders’ plan would move almost everyone — whether you’re on Medicare or Medicaid, or buy insurance on your own through the Affordable Care Act, or get it through your job — into a single government-run program.

  • You could not keep your existing plan.
  • Taxes would go up. A lot. That’s the tradeoff for eliminating premiums and deductibles. Sanders has not said which taxes he would raise.

Overall spending would be about the same as what we’re expected to spend under the status quo, according to multiple estimates.

  • We’d just pay for it differently. Today’s hodgepodge of premiums, copays and state and federal spending would all be rolled into one federal, taxpayer-funded program.

The big picture: The U.S. health care system is by far the most expensive in the world, and yet despite that spending, we have worse health outcomes than similar countries.

  • We’re also an outlier among other rich countries because we don’t guarantee coverage to everyone.