| Sami Gilkes

Tester Won’t Stand Up to the Unhinged Left

Two-faced Tester has been in politics long enough to know how to play the game: say what he needs to get elected, but do what his liberal party bosses want when he’s in D.C.

But this week, Tester’s been hit with a big dose of reality. He’s a Democrat running for reelection in a state President Trump won by over 20 points. He needs people who support the President and his agenda to vote for him.

However, he’s also a member of a party that’s been taken over by the reckless and radical left.

And he’s shown he won’t stand up to them.

His recent campaign concert with Pearl Jam used a violent poster celebrating the death of President Trump in a gruesome scene showing the White House engulfed in flames and Senator Tester gleefully flying over the wreckage.

Instead of immediately condemning this dangerous work, Senator Tester still hasn’t personally denounced the artwork made in his honor.

If Tester won’t stand up to the resistance left at his own campaign event, when will he?

Never has it been more clear that Montanans can’t count on Jon Tester to stand up for them.

Montana needs a Senator who will actually defend their values and work with the President they elected.

Pitch in to stop these out of control Democrats and to defend Trump’s Majority!