| Kate Scarola

July Monthly Roundup

At the peak of summer with the second round of Dem debates in full swing, it is more important now than ever to keep the Republican Senate Majority! We watch as Democrats try to force their socialists ideas onto Americans in trying to impose the Green New Deal and Medicare for All

The month of July showed us that the 2020 elections give us a choice between freedom and socialism. Let’s makes sure to keep Republicans in office who fight for America’s freedoms!

After their unanimous lurch to the left, Democrats are now having to explain why they support the Green New Deal that would cut jobs in their states and Medicare for All that would limit healthcare options. 

 The Dems make it clear they are in a race to radicalism. As the Dem debate circus progressed, the NRSC released ads to show the American people just how far left the Democrats have gone.

Into the States!


July was a great month for Cory Gardner and the state of Colorado! After years of hardworking and perseverance, Cory announced the BLM headquarters will be moved to Grand Junction so they can be closer to the lands they actually govern. 

Cory also lauded by NFIB for championing small businesses across the state of Colorado. 

Cory spent the 4thof July in Wiggins, Colorado where he presented the Citizen of the Year Award and the Veteran of the Year Award. He took this time to also speak to veterans about the bipartisan Veterans Small Business Ownership Improvements Act. 

Cory also helped advance the Supporting and Treating Officers in Crisis Act , that unanimously passed in the Senate and is heading to President Trump’s desk. The bill works “to expand support for police officer family services, stress reduction, and suicide prevention, and for other purposes.” 

Cory never stops fighting for Colorado!  


It was quite the month for Democrat Doug Jones. In addition to his own party losing faith, he also thought it would be a good idea to mock his constituents in Alabama. 

 Democrat Doug realized he was in hot water with the Democrat party and faces an uphill battle for reelection in Alabama. The majority of his campaign funds are still reported as coming in from out-of-state, giving his team more cause for concern that he does not have the support from voters back home. 

 Another riveting moment in the life of Democrat Doug Jones was calling it “dumb” to ask why he won’t support Trump’s judicial nominees – even though the people of Alabama do. All while eating an ice cream sandwich.

As the second round of the Dem Debate circus ramps up, Democrat Doug has made it clear that he will support the Democrat nominee even if they want to take away employer-based health care and will support whichever clown comes out on top. 

Looking forward to Doug digging himself deeper into his hole in the coming months!  


Kentucky has been a thrill ride this month. Leader Mitch McConnell has been working hard for Kentucky job creators to offer a tax break to bourbon makers and relieving taxation for steel workers. “July 16 was a good day for Kentucky because we were again reminded of the value of a small state like ours having the Senate Majority Leader represent us in Washington, D.C.” wrote Cris Fuentes at Courier Journal.

Amy McGrath, Democrat candidate for Senate, announced her campaign earlier in July, and the next 48 hours could not have gone worse for her – or better for Mitch McConnell. She flip-flopped – then flipped back one more time – on how she would have voted on Brett Kavanaugh all in a span of a few hours. 

Amy tried to come out as a moderate in an attempt to find favor with conservative Kentucky voters, but it backfired, especially when she was fundraising with Marcus Simon, one of the strongest supporters of Virginia’s late-term abortion bill. 

Amy even got herself coined the “new Beto O’Rourke”- Yikes! She then panicked and started canceling interviews and dodging questions. Amy, you’re doing amazing sweetie. 

New Hampshire

Democrat incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen is worried about her race in 2020, as she should be. Shaheen continues to face criticism for her support of eliminating employer based health insurance through Medicare for All.


The Democrat primary in Texas is starting to get crowded as more candidates announce to try and take on John Cornyn in 2020. However, with so many Dems entering the race, they’ll likely spend most of their time arguing with each other while Cornyn continues fundraising and running a successful reelection campaign. 

Cornyn visited Houston this month to award four FBI agents the Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery for their service and courageous efforts during Hurricane Harvey. 

Cornyn also traveled to the Mexican border with Vice President Pence and several other lawmakers to see and understand the issues firsthand. 


Joni attended the annual Ankeny Summerfest Parade while continuing her 99 county tour of Iowa! 


Sen. Jerry Peters did not make much progress in July as a poll that came out this month showed that 67% of Michiganders either did not who he was or disapproved of his job in the Senate. 

Perhaps no one in Michigan knows who he is because he has been in hiding, afraid that he might have to answer tough questions about Democrats’ socialist policies. The people of Michigan deserve to know why Jerry supports killing a million of Michigan jobs through the Green New Deal. 


Senator Steve Daines knows that the 2020 election will come down to a choice between free markets and socialism. Daines has been working hard in the Senate to deliver for Montana. 


The Democrats’ primary to challenge Susan Collins is heating up! The DSCC quickly endorsed Sara Gideon, but AOC’s group, Justice Democrats, responded by endorsing Betsy Sweet. And of course we can’t forget about Bre Kidman in the mix as well!

Democrats will have an uphill battle ahead of them as they take on the most bipartisan member of the Senate. Mainers know that Susan Collins always puts the people of Maine ahead of partisan politics. 


Senator Martha McSally has been busy in Arizona recently! Earlier this month, a local Goodwill employee in Tucson found a Purple Heart Award that had mistakenly been donated and social media users made it their mission to spread the news across the country so that the family could be identified. In just a week, the family of Nick D’Amelio Jr. was notified. A veteran herself, Martha McSally made the trip to Tucson to help reunite the D’Amelio family with the priceless medal. 

“I am honored to help reunify this Purple Heart with Nick D’Amelio Jr.’s (family). We can never do enough for those who served us — especially for the family members of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” McSally told AZ Central

North Carolina

Senator Thom Tillis had a big month in North Carolina. He travelled to Mooresville to talk about a variety of issues, but he mostly focused on the issues that veterans face. Tillis told The Mooresville Tribune that “the most rewarding part of the job” is getting to help veterans. Tillis loves doing casework for veterans and helping those who served in any way that he can. 

We also celebrated the anniversary of Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court this month. Justice Kavanaugh’s successful confirmation to the Supreme Court would not have been possible without the tireless effort by Tillis for justice in the confirmation process. 


The issues defining the Senate race in Georgia are beginning to take shape. It looks like this will be a battle between socialism and free markets as the Democrat primary field in Georgia keeps moving further and further left. It looks like this will be a battle between the socialist agenda of the Democrats vs David Perdue’s defense of the free market.