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July Monthly Roundup

On Independence Day, NRSC Chairman Senator Todd Young explained why celebrating our independence and America’s history is more important than ever.

July 26th marked 100 days until Election Day. We will protect our Republican Senate Majority and have our American Comeback.

Into the States!


In July, Tommy Tuberville became the Republican Alabama Senate nominee. While Doug Jones answers to his liberal party bosses, Tuberville will fight for the conservative values Alabamians believe in.



Martha McSally is taking the extra steps to ensure China is held accountable for the Coronavirus pandemic. She introduced the Civil Justice for Victims of COVID Act, which allows Americans to sue China in federal court over damages they’ve incurred as a result of the pandemic.

In a report by RealClearPolitics, evidence surfaced that Mark Kelly personally sought out investments for his company from a Chinese tech giant that was accused of espionage, further proving that Arizonans can’t trust him.

To further his hypocrisy spree, Kelly publicly criticized the Paycheck Protection Program, while his company benefited from the loans.

Our new ad in Arizona reminded Arizonans that Kelly is in the pocket of China and is supporting Joe Biden, who also has considerably strong ties to China.


Cory Gardner’s hard work paid off this month when both the House and Senate passed the Great American Outdoors Act. This legislation will preserve public lands and national parks for generations to come.

The Great American Outdoors Act will benefit all of Colorado; it generates millions of dollars for Pueblo County, provides funding for Rocky Mountain Arsenal’s education center and clears their $6 million road maintenance backlog, and secures $1 million for CSU’s research into carbon capture projects.

We released a new ad in Colorado highlighting how John Hickenlooper has made taxpayers foot the bill for his unethical behavior. He took private donations in a pay-to-play scheme, then raided a post-9/11 economic recovery fund meant for essential government services to try to cover up his illegal private jet and Maserati limo rides.

So far, Hickenlooper’s legal fees for his ethics hearing cost Colorado taxpayers more than $133,000. Coloradans are literally paying the price for his violations, and Hick should pay them back.

Hickenlooper’s scheme of taking private donations for policy positions with almost no oversight is pay-to-play on steroids. He’s more concerned with taking care of his wealthy donors, not Coloradans.


David Perdue announced his SCHOOL Act, which empowers local school systems to make decisions that are best for their communities and students.

Kelly Loeffler introduced a federal anti-gang bill, creates a federal database of criminal street gang members and broadens the circumstances that qualifies an action as a gang-related federal offense.

We released and a new ad to remind Georgians that Hollywood Jon Ossoff is beholden to his liberal Hollywood donors, not Georgians.

Additionally, privileged liberal Jon Ossoff continues his claims that corporate PAC money “kills,” but has accepted $40,000 from corporate-funded PACs.


Joni Ernst introduced legislation to make sure child care facilities have the resources they need to safely open and give Iowa’s families access to child care as parents start to head back to work.

Joni stood in the rain, handing out nearly 25,000 diapers to give back to Iowans and the local community in need.

Joni met with business leaders on her 99 County Tour to hear about the issues important to them and learn how she could better serve them in the Senate.

Joni continues to step up for Iowans, introducing her FRNT Line Act, which seeks to ease the economic impact of Coronavirus on front line workers by allowing them to save money in federal income taxes.

As a veteran, Joni knows that the sacrifices our veterans make can last a lifetime. That’s why she’s making sure our heroes have the help and resources they need when they come home.

Joni is fighting to bring our supply chain back to America and reduce our dependence on China.

As Joni works to decrease the burden of the federal government on Iowans, Theresa Greenfield supports Pelosi’s Death Tax, because serving her Democrat party bosses will always be her priority.

Greenfield made a pledge to Iowans that she wouldn’t accept corporate PAC money, but a fact check on her donations shows that she is taking money from lobbyists who take money from corporations.

On the campaign trail, Greenfield has been touting her business experience to Iowans, but in reality, her company evicted Iowa small businesses to pave the way for corporate companies. Now, she’s removed that job experience from her website.


Mitch McConnell released a throwback video reminding Kentuckians of Amy McGrath’s horrendous campaign rollout and why she’s not prepared to lead for Kentucky.


When crisis struck, Susan Collins rose to the occasion, authoring the Paycheck Protection Program and was the constant, steadfast leader that Mainers deserve. Maine knows that Susan is the best person to represent them in the Senate.


Susan secured $1.25 billion in Coronavirus relief to help Maine families and small businesses, but Sara Gideon stalled its disbursement and played political games with the money that Mainers desperately needed.

While Susan authored the Paycheck Protection Program that saved countless jobs in Maine, Gideon adjourned Maine’s House legislature and went on vacation to Bar Harbor.

Gideon says she would “#believeallwomen,” but when multiple teenage girls accused one of her male Democrat caucus members of sexual misconduct, she gave her male colleague the benefit of the doubt and said NOTHING for at least SIX MONTHS.

Gideon criticized the Paycheck Protection Program, yet her husband’s law firm lined his pockets with PPP cash to the tune of nearly $1 million.


For the fourth quarter in a row, John James outraised Democrat Gary Peters, despite Peters’ accepting over $65,000 in donations from employees and lobbyists of Communist China.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed John – they know he’ll always put Michiganders first and fight for Michigan small businesses.


Thanks to the leadership of Steve Daines, the Great American Outdoors Act passed through Congress and will provide permanent funding for the LWCF and protect national parks for generations to come.

Steve introduced a bipartisan bill that would provide grants to black-owned businesses to help them overcome the challenges presented by the Coronavirus.

Steve also introduced the Workforce Recovery and Training Services Act, which helps workers to develop new skills and incentivize employers to boost the economy.

Steve knows how important law enforcement is for keeping Montanans safe – that’s why he will always stand against Democrats trying to defund our police.

Steve Bullock said over and over again that he wouldn’t run for Senate after his failed presidential campaign… until Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama made him. Montanans can’t trust someone who only answers to his liberal party bosses.

Bullock’s proposed government-run health care plan will raise taxes, increase wait times, and devastate Montana’s rural hospitals.

We dropped to remind Montanans why they can’t trust Bullock.

New Mexico

Mark Ronchetti is calling out local leaders for disrespecting law enforcement rather than worrying about the safety of New Mexicans.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis is the strong leader North Carolinians need during the Coronavirus pandemic and is proud of how of North Carolina communities have come together to help each other. Under Thom’s leadership, North Carolina will get back on track.

Thom will never stop fighting for North Carolinians.

Thom knows what is at stake when Senate Democrats push their radical agenda – that’s why he’s fighting to protect bipartisanship in the Senate.

Calculated Cal Cunningham attacked the Paycheck Protection Program because Chuck Schumer told him to, even though it saved millions of North Carolina jobs and his own company received millions in funding from it. For all of Cal’s PPP attacks visit

We released a new ad reminding North Carolinians that Cunningham wants to substantially raise their taxes.

Cunningham is a “proud progressive” and would be a rubber stamp for the extreme liberal agenda in Washington. He’s out of touch with North Carolina.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce proudly endorsed John Cornyn because they know he will never stop fighting for small businesses across Texas.

MJ Hegar won the Democrat Senate nomination. Hegar was hand-picked by Chuck Schumer and will always work for her liberal Democrat party bosses, not Texans.