| Sami Gilkes

Mexico Joe’s Summer

Summer is here and Hoosiers across Indiana are excited for summer vacations and a chance to soak up some sun. As the weather heats up, Hoosiers are stocking up on the necessities for a fun-filled summer.

Mexico Joe Donnelly’s family business sent Hoosier jobs to Mexico, where they could pay workers a whopping $4.70 a day. It’s clear why they moved their factory from Indiana: They care more about their profits than creating jobs right here in America.

While Sen. Donnelly and his family might be able to enjoy today’s first day of summer festivities, their workers won’t because they can’t afford it. After a day of work in Mexico Joe’s Guadalarjara factory, they are barely able to buy even half of what’s necessary to enjoy a day in the sun. 

Here are just some summer time essentials but with a budget on $4.70 a day like Mexico Joe’s workers:

At $4.70 a day you can only get 1/2 a bottle of Sunscreen at $9.99.

There’s only room in the budget for 1/4 of a Beach Towel at $18.99.

It’s going to be hard to enjoy the pool when you’re only able to afford a 1/3 of a Donut Floatie at $14.99

The kids won’t have many toys to play with, only affording 1 bucket, but no shovel in a pack of Sand Toys at $7.40.

The sand can get pretty hot when Mexico Joe’s workers can only get 1 Flip Flop at $7.99.

When it’s time for Hoosiers to cheer on their teams, there’s only money to buy a 1/3 of a Colts hat at $13.59

Not everyone will get to cool down with a tasty treat when you can only buy 1/2 a pack of Freeze Pops at $10.95.

Back in Indiana, Hoosiers employed at Mike Braun’s company, Meyer Industries, are paid almost double the minimum wage. Mike Braun has been devoted to creating opportunities for employees to succeed. Instead of actually investing in Hoosiers, Sen. Donnelly took the easy way out. Mike Braun has spent his career creating American jobs.

Thanks to Mike Braun, more Hoosiers can enjoy a fun summer with their families and friends. In responsible Indiana businesses, like Braun’s, workers don’t have to just settle for half a bottle of sunscreen.

Hoosiers deserve a senator who supports creating good-paying Hoosier manufacturing jobs, not meager salaries and outsourced jobs to Mexico.