| Sami Gilkes

New Video: Perdue is Fighting for Georgia

The 2020 election is going to be an ideological war with Georgia as its battleground. Senator David Perdue is running for re-election in Georgia to prevent Democrats from undoing all that President Trump has accomplished. The new video highlights the values Sen. Perdue is running on and what is at stake in this election.

Under the Trump administration and Republican Senate Majority, the United States has seen the greatest economic turnaround in history. Over 5 million new jobs have been created. Paychecks are increasing as Americans are getting more of what they rightfully earned. Unemployment is at the lowest it has been in the past fifty years. Yet Democrats are still running on raising taxes. Perdue commented on the Democrat party stating:

“They are the ones that have failed the working men and women of America for the last 100 years.”

Democrats not only want to raise taxes but also want to turn our nation into a Socialist country. Time and time again we have seen that socialism fails. Sen. Perdue has vowed to fight against socialism, understanding how it will hurt the hardworking men and women of Georgia. Capitalism works, and Sen. Perdue wants to ensure the economy and the US as a whole continue to flourish. Sen. Perdue said:

“I believe if we get this right, we can prove to the world that we will still be the shining city on a hill. The road to socialism will never run through the state of Georgia.”

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